Hidden Reality, book 1

"In Realidade Oculta we follow the events depicted in an old diary from a 19th-century lady. It narrates the adventures that the paleontologist Giovanna Antunes experienced in one of the most incredible periods of Planet Earth. Everything starts with a groundbreaking discovery that takes our paleontologist and a group of scientists to board on an adventure full of dangers and dinosaurs. Transported to the Cretaceous in an incomprehensible manner, they will fight for their survival and search to unveil the truth".

Today is book day!


Finally a worthy tribute to Jurassic Park. And it's from Brazil!

Ler ou não Ler (YouTube channel)


An absurdly creative central idea.

Pirula (YouTube channel)


An intense plot, full of action (...) It is rare to able to relate to a book not only because of the subject but also because of the setting where this history takes place.

Nerdologia (YouTube channel)

It is surprising and makes me really proud to know that books this good are nationals. Our authors strive to come up with a brilliantly creative history!

Hoje é dia de livro! (literary critic)

I give a maximum score to this book with my eyes closed!

Mundinho da Hanna (literary critic)


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