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Dino Hazard: Hidden Reality

"In Hidden Reality we follow the events depicted in an old diary from a 19th-century lady. It narrates the adventures that the paleontologist Giovanna Antunes experienced in one of the most incredible periods of Planet Earth. Everything starts with a groundbreaking discovery that takes our paleontologist and a group of scientists to board on an adventure full of dangers and dinosaurs. Transported to the Cretaceous in an incomprehensible manner, they will fight for their survival and search to unveil the truth".

Today is book day!


If you like dinosaurs, adventure, and sci-fi, you'll love this time-travel tale written by a real-life dinosaur hunter!

Steve Brusatte (University of Edinburgh paleontologist and author of 'The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs')

"This takes you on an imaginative adventure, it introduces you to some of the incredible landscape, people and animals of Brazil, AND it takes you into the work of a paleontologist."

Jeanne Timmons (writer and science communicator at Gizmodo)


An absurdly creative central idea.

Pirula (YouTube channel)


An intense plot, full of action (...) It is rare to able to relate to a book not only because of the subject but also because of the setting where this history takes place.

Atila Iamarino (YouTube channel)


The Author

Tito Aureliano was born in Brazil, 1989. He is a paleontologist whose research focus is on the study of fossilized tissues of dinosaur fossils and other tetrapods. He also works as a science communicator alongside his wife Prof. Aline Ghilardi, who is a consultant and editor of the 'Dino Hazard' franchise.

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