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Dino Hazard: Hidden Reality

Dino Hazard® Comics is a comic book adaptation of the science-fiction book “Dino Hazard: Hidden Reality”, published in 2016, by Tito Aureliano. It is a time travel adventure set in Brazil's “age of the dinosaurs”. The difference is the scientific rigor and maturity of the concepts presented, without compromising the electrifying narrative.
Dinosaurs are presented with the utmost realism based on the latest discoveries, which is guaranteed by the pair of paleontologists who contributed to the writing and by scientific illustrator Márcio L. Castro.
The comic book version, developed in partnership with the Dinoleta® studio, promises to keep the exciting pace of the original work, and remain a science communication vehicle, attracting other audiences to discover elements of Brazil's remote past.

“Enjoy this story. It's a narrative crafted by artists and paleontologists. It's a story that celebrates one of the most important new frontiers for dinosaur research, where new fossils are found at an astonishing rate as young scientists set out on a quest for adventure and knowledge. Brazil."

Steve Brusatte, professor and paleontologist at the University of Edinburgh and author of the New York Times best-seller 'The Rise and Fall of Dinosaurs'. Jurassic World Dominion science consultant.

"I wish my child self could have read Dino Hazard. I would certainly have guessed better which dinosaurs I could meet, what kind of vegetation I would observe and most importantly, I would be sure that it is possible to be a woman in the science."

Julia Marcolan, researcher in Physics at the University of São Paulo and science communicator in “Qual Julia disse isso?”.


"It is with the power of pop culture, collectibles, and video games that we are changing people's view of science, by aggregating value and showing that science communication is worthwhile. It can and should be done in a fun way."

Patrick Padilha, director of "Eu Coleciono Dinossauros" and owner of the Dino Loja.


"If you are interested in science fiction, dinosaurs and paleontology, breathtaking narratives sparing no fear of shocking the reader, this comic book was made for you. Everything gets even more special knowing that the animals represented there are not works imagination, but real animals that lived and were extinct here in our lands, here in Brazil."

Bruno Gonçalves, paleontologist and science communicator (Zoomundo).

"The precise description of dinosaurs, masterfully illustrated by Márcio L. Castro, takes us to a distant but paradoxically close past"

Fábio Yabu, author of Combo Rangers and Princesinhas do Mar shows.


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