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Update: New battle mechanics and design, autosave bug fix, and new equipment

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for playing our game!

We have improved the HP-ST design in battles and menus! The interface looks beautiful now! We brought several improvements to the battle system this time.

The major bugs we have solved this time was:

  • The Save bug: the save wind longer freezes for some users.

  • The Battle animation bug: we solved all bugs related to battle animations. They look great now!

We have new battle mechanics:

  • Adaptive turns: Party order will change in real-time according to players' changes.

  • Turn order display: Now you can preview the player order prior to planning your strategies.

  • Break Shield: Opponents now present a shield system. If you break the shields they reach the Vulnerable state.

  • Weakness Display: Every opponent now has several icons revealing their weaknesses. If you hit an enemy with one of their weaknesses, you will deal extra damage.

We are also pleased to announce a new skill for battles:

  • Reveal I - skill: This is a new Ranger skill. It reveals the enemy's weakness. One by one.

We are also pleased to announce new equipment:

  • Binoculars - equip: This is a new accessory. It reveals the enemy's weakness. One by one.

If you want to read about other Dino Hazard projects, like the upcoming comics series, the figures, books, etc:

Our website:

Our Instagram:

Our Twitter:


Our Discord:

Our YouTube channel:

May you have a fine weekend.

A Jurassic hug for you,


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