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   DINO HAZARD toys and collectibles

Dino Hazard was licensed to the production of a toy and collectibles line. The producer is the designer and paleoartist Hugo Cafasso. He is considered a "Michelangelo of digital paleoart" in plain ascension. Hugo unites every available scientific knowledge without compromising the aesthetics of his models. The result is a very original good-looking toyline.

In 2019, Hugo Cafasso made a successful crowdfunding campaign and raised funds for the production of our first two figures: the Carcharodontosaur and the Irritator. New campaigns will come to bring more dinos including the Santanaraptor and the Oxalaia!

Figures are currently being prepared at the factory and should be ready for shipping within a couple months. If you want to stay updated, become a member and sign the newsletter.


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Hugo Cafasso

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He is an industrial designer, clay and 3D modeler specialized in recreating dinosaurs and extinct life. He is admired for this subject since he was a kid in the 80's and 90's. Since he is also a fan of toys he embraced the Dino Hazard project as a vehicle to value Brazilian culture. He also believes that science may be communicated through carefully-projected products and he works effortlessly to make excellent figures.

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